• Loose Leaf Tea

    Browse our premium range of wholesale loose leaf tea. We offer exceptional tasting tea in black, herbal, green and rooibos blends.

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  • Tea Accessories

    Enhance the tea drinking experience for your customer with our curated collection of loose leaf tea drinking accessories.

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  • Core Range

    For those who are new to serving loose leaf, or you want to keep a refined tea offeirng, this is the perfect place to start. You won't look back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the shelf life of tea?

Kept in a cool, dark, dry place (like our tins) our teas are best consumed within 8 months. Our packaging also has a handy resealable ziplock seal with the best before date on the bottom of each pack.

Which teas should I serve?

We recommend offering around 6 teas, with at least one from each variety (black, green etc). Absolute must haves are Café Breakfast, Earl Grey, Sencha, and from there it's up to you! You can view our suggested core range here.

Can I retail the teas I serve?

If your café has a dedicated retail area, and not just a lone shelf, absolutely! We wholesale our small 25 serve bags for you to onsell. Please get in touch with Ash to discuss the retailing in your café.

Why are there teas on your retail website not included on the wholesale site?

We like to test and try different teas and blends. It changes often and we don't always carry large quantities of our new teas. Our wholesale range reflects the proven sellers in cafés and we carry them year round.