Why Organic?

Why Organic?

I’m sure you’ve heard organic equals good, right? But maybe you’re not entirely sure why. Below we’ve broken down the main reasons and explain why growing and consuming organics is so important for the future of our personal and environmental health. How we grow tea is of course no different.

Environmentally Sustainable

Organic production is a great way to ensure the health of our environment for ourselves and future generations. Currently, the main way of farming uses harmful pesticides and fertilisers which deplete the land and soil of nutritional value, severely affecting its ability to grow anything with nutritional value longterm. 

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations estimated that 33% of global soil is moderately to highly degraded (causing desertification) through things like acidification, chemical pollution and nutrient depletion, hampering soils' function and affecting food production.

Organic growers, however, look after the health of their land by using methods such as companion planting, crop rotation and permaculture to support healthy growth and healthy soil. This ensures we can benefit from the nutrients within the land and it can be used successfully for generations to come.


Better For You

Choosing to consume organics is often just as much about what’s not in the food as what is. Unfortunately, not only are those harmful chemicals and pesticides bad for the soil and our environment but they’re no treat for our bodies either. 

Pesticides kill important microbes in the soil and when we ingest the foods grown in this soil they also kill microbes in our body. Our body’s microbes are crucial to our overall health! Studies have shownthat an increased exposure and consumption of toxic pesticides can lead to short and longterm health problems, illness and serious disease and can be attributed to the growth of many forms of cancer. 

So, without the presence of these harmful pesticides, the complex eco-system of important microbes in the soil and in our bodies remains intact - all for a healthier you! 


Better Quality

You’ll often find companies using organic products take the whole lifecycle of their product into consideration. From growing and harvesting to packaging and consumption. Often even the afterlife of their product is considered.

Instead of aiming for high yield, low cost and low quality, organic companies champion quality from start to finish making conscious decisions every step of the way. It's safe to say the product has been met with a higher standard, with quality as the driver rather than profit at any cost. 

The way we look at it, food, and beverages such as tea, are natural products and are best when grown and kept that way. Making a simple swap to consuming organics is an easy way to do your bit in looking after yourself, others, and helps to safeguard the earth and humanity for years to come. 


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