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Berry (200 Serves)

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This herbal blend combines raspberries and blackberry leaves with apple, rosehip peels and tart hibiscus. This light and fruity number is a delicious way to get hydrated. It’s epic as an iced tea and goes nicely with honey.

520g = 200 serves of Berry tea.


Certified Organic Ingredients
Apple bits, hibiscus, rosehip peels, raspberries, natural flavour, blackberry leaves.

Contains no caffeine.


1. Add 1 tsp of tea (per 250ml cup)
2. Add boiling water
3. Let sit for 6-8 minutes. Enjoy!

Cold Brew Method
1. Add 8 tbsp of tea into a large jar
2. Add 1.2L of cold water
3. Cover and refrigerate overnight (8 to 12 hours)
4. Strain out the tea leaves and pour over ice.


Cost per Serve

$50.90 divided by 200 serves = 25 cents per cup of Berry